Terms & Conditions of Service

This document outlines the terms and conditions of use of this site, and represents a legally-binding contract between the user (you) and the service provider (R.Evans Engineering). This contract should be examined thoroughly before you use the Posterman site or any services provided therein.

1) Website

1) i) Availability of service. No guarantees are made by the service provider, or any of it's third-party agents or associates (e.g. bandwidth-providers), with regard to availability of any specific Internet service, or part thereof, at any specific time. While every effort is made to provide as stable a service as possible, some downtime will occur owing to the nature of the network.

1) ii) Relibility of information. The service provider offers no warranties, express or implied, on any information contained on this website. In this instance, "information" is defined as all computer data including, but not limited to, text, graphics, scripts, applets, and any other form of software data. All information is deemed as far as possible to be as correct at time of publication.

1) iii) Changes. Further to paragraph ii, above, any information, including pricing and shipping costs, is subject to change at any time, without any prior notice.